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Retro Organics

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The Brief

Retro Organics specialises in making dairy products the good old way, with simple, wholesome ingredients and no unnecessary additives. Retro Organics’ naturally creamy milk, yoghurts and cheeses are made of milk from their own herd of Jersey cows and processed by hand in the factory based on the family farm.

They engaged us to assist in launching their lactose free yoghurt and milk products and, more recently their savoury yoghurt range. This included developing packaging for the yoghurt products that would clearly communicate their brand story at a glance when displayed on a crowded supermarket shelf, plus point of sale material and public relations to support the launch.

Our Work

We prepared and distributed media releases to announce the launch of New Zealand’s first fresh lactose free yoghurt and milk products and New Zealand’s first savoury yoghurt range. These generated significant coverage in national news media and a number of magazines. The launch was also supported with advertising in publications targeted at health and allergy conscious consumers, along with engaging point-of-sale material.

When designing the lactose free fruit yoghurt pottles we employed natural colours, textures and rustic design elements to convey the wholesome, back-to-basics attributes of the brand. Fruit colours were incorporated to help shoppers quickly identify the different flavours.

For the savoury yoghurt pottles we opted for a bolder colour palette, whilst incorporating hand painted elements to retain the hand-crafted messaging. Their launch was also supported with the establishment of a Facebook page for the Retro Organics brand.

From the Client

"We had previously engaged Market South to design the packaging for our Greek fruit yoghurts and more recently assist us in the launch of our new product – savoury yoghurts. The marketing material and packaging has been very eye-catching and allows our product to be very distinctive on the supermarket shelf and very successful in product sales.

We have been particularly impressed with how Market South have handled the PR for the launch of our savoury yoghurts with articles published in various top NZ magazines including Air New Zealand’s in-flight magazine, KiaOra."

Robin Greer
Director, Retro Organics