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H&J Smith

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The Brief

H&J Smith is Southland’s own department store, with a proud history of providing an excellent range of quality products and superior customer service. They have an in-house marketing team but contract us to assist with some of their larger, strategic marketing projects.

Recent projects have included re-branding the H&J Smith charge card, market research and the development of a new sub-brand for their soft furnishings department, Curtain Call.

Our Work

All our design work for H&J Smith is founded in the company’s key values and portrays specific messaging to appeal to the identified target market.

For example, the H&J Smith Card includes a thumbprint as its key design feature. This motif, used together with the use of the personal pronoun, i.e. “Your card,” ensures that cardholder membership is endowed with relevance and a sense of individuality.

The Curtain Call brand incorporates a blue ribbon representing distinction in delivery of service, with the addition of a stitch line and overstated furling in the typeface alluding to the personal touch and creativity provided.

From the Client

"I have worked with Market South for the past three years, employing their services for full scale rebranding projects through to "help, I need an advert… today!"

I have found Market South a brilliant ally, who can make the convoluted, clear, are able to read between-the-lines and handle the "this is kinda what I want" shorthand with aplomb.

Market South have always delivered on-time (or before) and frequently beyond expectation. They actively seek feedback and continually strive to do what is best for the client's business.

I'm looking forward to continuing to work with Market South and frequently tout their skill to others seeking to get their business ahead of the competition."

Rebecca Sheppard, Marketing Manager, H&J Smith