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Great South

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The Brief

To develop a brand and a compelling story to engage various stakeholders and community groups.

This new identity needed to transition equity from the former Venture Southland brand, while actively communicating a new era in deliverables and operation. With the new organisation focused on output, a commercial approach and getting the job done, the subsequent brand was to be inclusive, gritty and honest with a modern stance.

Our Work

GREAT SOUTH is a direct reference to our southern geography, which is typified by business over a handshake and integrity. Moreover, it speaks to our region’s capacity to punch above its weight across all sectors: great sports, great business, great communities.

GREAT SOUTH is – simply – great. This is its operational baseline; nothing less than excellence.

The design elements of GREAT SOUTH are determined and honest. The wide gait and oversized serifs are more contemporary and illustrate more forward trajectory than their cousins, the classic historically inspired serifs. Paired with the modern two-toned koru this illustrates Southland’s multicultural communities and inclusivity in the region. The koru is an integral symbol in Māori art, carving and tattooing, where it symbolises new life, growth, strength and peace. We added two tones of blue to the koru to also represent water, due to Southland being home to New Zealand’s largest coastline. We then created a detailed style guide to communicate the GREAT SOUTH story and enable all communications to be consistent and support their marketing objectives.

what the client said

Market South has a vested interest in the development of Southland. It was refreshing to have Carla, as a business leader, and her team actively support GREAT SOUTH and others in the Southland business community.

Market South was the obvious choice to assist in the development of the new brand and storytelling for GREAT SOUTH. Their close relationship with the former organisation (Venture Southland), their role in regional development and Carla’s role as a SoRDS team leader meant the team was uniquely positioned to understand what needed to be communicated from a regional development agency to a broad and diverse group of stakeholders.

Their team has a “nothing is a problem” attitude, deliver on time and with enthusiasm, always over and above expectations. We were thrilled with the result and their performance across all elements of our rebranding project, and we have no hesitation in fully endorsing Market South.

Ann Lockhart, Chief Executive, Great South