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Environment Southland

  • Brand Identity

The Brief

Environment Southland is Southland’s regional council, which responsible for ensuring responsible resource allocation and utilisation in the region to achieve social and commercial objectives.

With a broad range of communications material being produced for diverse markets in a diverse range of styles, Environment Southland found it was struggling to achieve brand recognition and cut through.

They engaged us to develop a fresh, new look and feel for their marketing and communications collateral, along with tools to ensure consistent application of this across all material being created by their in-house designers.

Our Work

We developed a central design style for Environment Southland to convey the organisation’s unique identity. This included pairing large images of people engaging with our natural environment with a fresh, modern colour palette and contemporary, sleek and structured typefaces. A geometric ‘folded’ element is central to the design, symbolising the way Environment Southland enables multiple use of resources, just as the art of origami enables a sheet of paper to be turned into many different shapes and figures.

Templates were developed for key publications, advertisement series and documents, and a comprehensive set of design guidelines and graphic components were supplied to enable Environment Southland’s in-house design team to effectively apply the new brand look and feel in a consistent manner across all of their marketing and communications material.