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​Crafting your brand story


A brand story is the core of any business. It’s usually something staff are aware of – the ethos of a company – but it can be very beneficial to share this story with consumers.

Think about companies and businesses who you enjoy working with and whose services you value. This often boils down to their brand story; them telling their consumers what they’re about, how they work and the core pillars of their business.

A great brand story makes you memorable and relatable. Your brand is your most valuable asset; it defines your business - who you are, what you stand for and how you are viewed by clients and prospective clients.

You might have made a commitment towards sustainability in your business; perhaps a portion of your profits is donated to charity annually; maybe you're big on ensuring staff's well-being is in check and you give your employees a free day off every six months. If your audience if they knew these things about you, would they say yes? These are things which define your brand and tell people what you value. Shout it from the rooftops!

A well-constructed story behind your brand also creates client engagement and loyalty. A brand story informs how your business is talked about both internally and externally, and helps to shape your business identity.

If you’d like your customers to know exactly who you are, get in touch with us and we can begin working on your individual brand story.