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Let's get people staying, eating and spending in Invercargill


Every year information centres and tourist hotspots throughout New Zealand receive their much-anticipated annual stock of the Official Invercargill Visitor Guide, distributed nationwide to entice and excite visitors to add Southland and Invercargill to their itinerary. The Locals Publishing send out hundreds of thousands of these pocket-sized informational treasure troves, all with the intention of bringing people to the South. With more people adding Southland to their travels, this increases their stay and spend in the region, supports local businesses and Invercargill to get their fair share of the visitor dollar.

This year The Locals Publishing are keen to see what you, the Southland locals, think says, "come to Invercargill". They're on the lookout for a stunning cover image for this highly-visible brochure to tickle the fancy of those thinking about heading to our shores.

What do you think is our best asset?

The Official Invercargill Visitor Guide continues to grow year on year and this year, with so much change in the inner city and the Invercargill landscape, it's so important we keep visitors coming throughout this exciting period of change. We want to make sure we keep businesses humming right through the visitor season.

Guide publisher Carla Forbes says, "the guide is just one product in a pretty extensive toolbox to attract visitors to Invercargill and Southland."

"Our visitors are often independent, with disposable income and a bit older but demand for a physical handbook to the region is still incredibly high - surprisingly high, actually - and it's a real pleasure to put together."

"During the production process I'm so lucky to get out there and meet so many of our great local businesses that appear in the Guide; we really do get to share the best of the region with our visitors. It's great fun!"

The Guide is currently being prepared by the team at Market South, and they are looking for a winning cover shot that you think will attract people to Invercargill. If you have something that screams, "this is Invercargill", Market South want it! If you think you've got the winner, send it to the crew at Market South at carla@marketsouth.co.nz.

There's also time for your business to get involved if you want to be in front of the lucrative visitor market - get in touch with the crew at Market South and they'll sort you out with a sweet advertising spot.