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​Is your website secure?


While online, you might have noticed a small green padlock next to the URL of a website. This is good – it means the information you send to the site is secure, because the website has what is called an SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate.

Recent updates and changes to major browsers, such as Google’s Chrome, mean that any websites that don’t have an SSL certificate will warn visitors to that website that it’s not secure. For eCommerce websites this can lead to a loss of sales and/or customers.

The warning will become more invasive in the coming months, and more prominent to users. This means that on any site where there is an input (the search bar, a contact form, or entering credit card details), a red warning will be very visible to the user, telling them this site is not secure.

The team at Market South have proactively invested time into making sure all websites that we host for our clients now have an SSL certificate.

However, if your site isn’t secure and you’d like to change that, talk to us and we can come up with a plan to help.