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Embracing customer feedback


Actively seeking and acting on feedback from customers is a great way to refine your service and improve your business performance.

At times, feedback can be challenging, but obtaining a ‘warts and all’ view is important to identify areas for improvement.

Actively requesting feedback at the completion of a project, engaging in market research and reading reviews about your business are all great ways to get a gauge on how satisfied people are with your service.

When it comes to market research there are a range of ways to obtain feedback, and the most appropriate one will depend on your market and the type of feedback you are after.

On online survey is a good way to reach a broad market and obtain quantitative data about their experiences with your business. For best results, keep surveys brief and don’t ask too many open ended questions which will take time to answer.

To probe deeper into customer perspectives, attitudes and behaviours, a focus group may be an appropriate option. Focus groups are typically held with up to 10 participants and an independent facilitator who guides questioning to obtain and discuss participants views and their rationale behind them.

Engaging an independent company to conduct, compile and report on the research is important to protect the identity of participants, and give them the confidence to speak their mind.

Social media and review websites provide other forums to obtain feedback. If someone feels let down by a product or service, there is sure to be chatter on social media about it. Regularly reviewing and responding to this feedback is important. A gracious response to a negative review online and the offer to make direct contact to address concerns and provide a solution helps to position your business as genuinely committed to your customers.

When receiving feedback, the next step is to act on it. If there are recurring complaints, address these areas as a priority. It’s also important to take note of positive feedback. Sharing customer compliments with your team helps to boost morale and highlights the value of the service they are providing.

At Market South, we are old hands at conducting feedback surveys and focus groups, and reviewing and reporting on feedback. If you’re interested in learning more about your customers’ perceptions, get in touch!