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Be ready, Be digital


The Digital Revolution is here. Are you ready to join?

We're about to go to Alert Level 3, which means more business can open, but for some working and coordinating digitally is a big change.

COVID-19 has pushed us all into a corner, but you can fight back! You can thrive, not just survive. We know there’s a lot of change to be had, but Market South Is here to guide you through digital strategy and transformation.

We have always strived to support local, and COVID-19 hasn’t changed this. We know all there is to know about operating digitally – let’s chat about how we can help!

What can you gain from working digitally? Can you reach and sell to customers? Can you tell people what you do? Can you transform your business to cope with the demands of the new economy we find ourselves in?

One of the keys to the success of business in a world dominated by COVID-19 is sorting out your digital presence. With movement, travel and freight restricted, there’s never been a more important time to have your online footprint exactly where it needs to be – in front of your customers. We know it’s a crazy and unforeseen time to be living in, but that doesn’t mean your business isn’t going to make it – we can arm you with the right tools to come out fighting.

Here’s some ideas for you to get the ball rolling:

  • Creating a website, or updating your website to be current with the market
  • Adding an E-commerce functionality to your website to be able to sell direct to customers
  • Social media accounts with regular, relevant and engaging content designed to bring in customers
  • Digital advertising in right place
  • Completing a digital strategy for a solid way forward
  • Video content

Team Market South are also partnering with numerous Southland stakeholders to create a free survival toolkit called Thrive, Not Survive, to help cushion the COVID-19 blow. We’ve got your back! The team is finalising our arsenal, so keep checking in for guidance on how to be digital ready.

This is a scary time to be in business, but we are here to lead, support and guide you through the transition. We’ve put together several packages to get the ball rolling for you right now, so you can be ready when we move to Alert Level 3 in a week’s time and beyond.

We’re here to help. info@marketsouth.co.nz