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Print partnership bringing business south


Southland’s largest marketing consultancy, Market South, continues to champion local business and regional growth with the announcement of its partnership with a local printing company.

Market South will provide its clients with a complete printing service, including those outside of Southland, as it works as exclusively as possible with their print and production partner.

As the leading digital marketing agency in Southland, General Manager Erin McCall said Market South was strengthening its already-existing end-to-end print service.

“The quantities of work we previously put through production have always ensured we had great negotiating power, but this partnership means we are genuinely getting the best for our clients,” she said.

“It’s a natural extension of what we already offer and it’s something we’ve wanted to do for a while. We’re so excited that it’s a company which is equally as passionate about Southland and promoting Southland businesses as we are.”

Bringing in business to the region and adding significant value to the economy has long been among Market South’s business values.

Print Partnership Bringing Business South

Creative Director Carla Forbes said offering white label printing services had always been part of the Market South package but working with a local print supplier brought the whole process closer together.

“It allows us to be a part of the process, from start to finish including production, to ensure we provide a high level of quality control for our clients,” she said.

“We’re bringing more business into Southland and we are also keeping it here. I’m thrilled we can be offering such competition and doing it locally.”

With a client base spanning all over New Zealand, the partnership was a real win for Southland, Forbes said.

“I’m passionate about Southland and growing Southland business. It’s a natural fit for Market South’s own growth, for us to be moving beyond offering strategy, digital, design and marketing, but to offer production as well.”